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OC Public Libraries’ music collection, housed at the Cypress Branch Library, has grown to be the largest collection of scores in any public library in Orange County. The nearest counterparts are the Brand Library and Art Center in Glendale, Los Angeles Public Library, and the UCLA Music Library.

The music collection started in 1978 at the Chapman Branch Library, and in 1996 it was moved to its present location at the Cypress Branch Library. Currently, the music collection contains over 5,000 books and 4,000 separate individual scores, totaling over 50,000 song titles. The books focus mostly on 20th century popular music while the collection of individual sheet music dates back to the mid-1800s.

OC Public Libraries has digitized and made available for free a selection of sheet music published before 1923.

Sheet music in this collection is considered to be in the public domain.

Sheet Music Title Size
Cover of  "Eileen" (from old Killarney) (1915)
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2.9 MB
Cover of  "Frat": march-two-step (1910)
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3.89 MB
Cover of  "Put your arms around me, Honey" (I never knew any girl like you) (1910)
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2.65 MB
Cover of 'Cross the Great Divide 'Cross the Great Divide (1913)
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3.1 MB
Cover of 'Cross the Mason-Dixon Line 'Cross the Mason-Dixon Line (1913)
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2.96 MB
Cover of 12th Street rag 12th Street rag (1919)
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2.52 MB
Cover of After a while After a while (1912)
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4.64 MB
Cover of After all After all (1919)
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2.39 MB
Cover of After every party After every party (1922)
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3.05 MB
Cover of After the rain After the rain (1922)
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2.74 MB
Cover of After vespers After vespers (1912)
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3.97 MB
Cover of Aggravatin' papa Aggravatin' papa (1922)
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3.36 MB
Cover of Ah! Sweet mystery of life (The dream melody) Ah! Sweet mystery of life (The dream melody) (1910)
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2.25 MB
Cover of Ah, moon of my delight Ah, moon of my delight (1912)
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3.95 MB
Cover of Ain't we got fun Ain't we got fun (1921)
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3.22 MB

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